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If you have a particular scent stuck in your mind but you're not sure which one - This is for you!
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exciting citrus

Revitalise your senses with a burst of these citrusy scents. Guaranteed to perk up your day!

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Calm & Aquatic

Let these aquatic fragrances wash your worries away. Beat the heat, & feel fresh all day!

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Fabulous florals

Look & feel your best with these boisterous scents!
We're big on florals!

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Fresh & Fierce

A soothing selection of scents.
For the understated, confident individual.

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sultry spices

Spice up your life with a scent that stands out from the crowd -- Life's too short to be boring!

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Live on the wild side with these fruity cocktails! Lighten up your life with a fun & fruity fragrance.

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Musky, mysterious

Find a scent that turns heads as you go.
A dangerous blend of sensual and mystery.

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Perfectly powdery

These fragrances are a touch of class, and comfort. Delicate & whimsical.

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Delectably Sweet

Velvety notes of creamy vanilla and amber.
A scent that's almost good enough to eat.

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